Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things I absolutely LOVE 

I have a lot on my mind tonight, yet no words comes to mind....funny huh? .....So I wanted to keep it light and just share a little about me! I will add to this whenever! Comment if you would! That way I know you stopped by...
I literally Love the color not the movie, well i like the movie, but the COLOR...get it?
I have cracked a couple of teeth on those, but they are a fav of mine!
Why can't we just wear flip flops every where and all the time?
I always LOVED cake...but I have this new found love for cupcakes...something about biting through the icing and getting into the cake! YUMMY
Eye Shadow....the crazier the color the more in love i am!
Do you really need a caption???
I dont like menthy flavored gum...THESE I love!
Who doesn't like Nutella? I eat it out of the jar, with a spoon!
What did we do before Pandora?
Do you remember life before Google?
Crazy hair accessories! The crazier the better...

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