Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finally here......

Its been a while since I have blogged, I was busy taking the plunge of my life. So, finally, after the many back and forth trips I am in Haiti. I plan to be here for however long it takes, hopefully Haiti doesn't kick me out again :-)
Kids are adjusting, I was worried about them not "Liking" it, well as expected they LOVE it so far. Alexa complains about the mosquitoes, which she calls "mouche". Dimitri is not getting used to the heat yet, but its a matter of time until he settlles in.
My father in loving this, he gest to permenantly be a grandfather. That I enjoy seeing on a daily basis. I am being spoiled...I know it wont last long. I am like the "just come"...everything I think of wanting I get. What a wonderful week it has been so far.
I will keep everyone posted on the time here, I feel its important to blog about my adventure, the good and the, I will try my hardest to update on a weekly basis.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black Love...

February is here! I am always excited to welcome a new month!  February being here means that I survived January, with everything that it brought.  Until I moved to the States, I only thought of Valentines’ day when it came to February.  The LOVE month; the month we go all out, well some of us.   I remember visiting Madrid a few years back, on a 14th of February, the whole city was covered in red roses, and hotels were sold out! They take that holiday that seriously.
Between Black History month and Valentine’s Day, I am feeling inspired to write about black love. Not that I have any type of prejudice against any other type or color of love….I only know about black love.  I’ve only really had a chance to admire black love.  Something about being loved and feeling loved and knowing you are loved by a black man is just magical. I won’t even venture into a Haitian man; I will keep it generalized to all black man.
I truly feel like it takes a certain woman to understand, comprehend, and appreciate a black man.  A black man, to me, often time comes with a baggage, whether it be frustration, the feeling of being misunderstood, not being good enough, it’s always something that makes them need the constant reassurance of a solid, loving woman.  It took me sometime to be that woman, but I think I am closer to being there. Love takes work; I was too young to process that before. If I knew than what I know now, about love, about my black man……….I would have made fewer mistakes, I would have loved him more, not just with my heart but my head and my complete being.
I am no expert in relationships; Lord knows I go through my ups and downs!  So much so that I am shocked at every single day that finds me still in love with my black man. Without a doubt in my head and heart, my black man loves me, he’s own way. My friends always joke around and say that he “really” loves me, the kind of love that most girls look for. He looks out for me, and always makes sure I see and feel like he has my best interest in mind.  How much our love has grown? Who would have thought? It took me simply understanding and appreciating him, for who is he to fully benefit from the love he has for me.
As the days get closer for me to move, I start to wonder how will I make it? He has truly become my black prince charming; who will look for me in the middle of the night? Who will scratch my hair, and release the constant tension in my neck? Who will cover my feet in the middle of the night, and shower me with random kisses?  Who will I cuddle with in the middle of the night? Who will wake me up in the night for those pillow talks? Whose attention will I have, whose smile, look, love? Who will call me 15 times in a row while I am out? Who’s going to spoil me, and seek out my presence all day long? Who will watch my sappy shows with me?
I pray that black love gets me through this separation….I pray that our love becomes stronger as the days goes by!