Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finally here......

Its been a while since I have blogged, I was busy taking the plunge of my life. So, finally, after the many back and forth trips I am in Haiti. I plan to be here for however long it takes, hopefully Haiti doesn't kick me out again :-)
Kids are adjusting, I was worried about them not "Liking" it, well as expected they LOVE it so far. Alexa complains about the mosquitoes, which she calls "mouche". Dimitri is not getting used to the heat yet, but its a matter of time until he settlles in.
My father in loving this, he gest to permenantly be a grandfather. That I enjoy seeing on a daily basis. I am being spoiled...I know it wont last long. I am like the "just come"...everything I think of wanting I get. What a wonderful week it has been so far.
I will keep everyone posted on the time here, I feel its important to blog about my adventure, the good and the, I will try my hardest to update on a weekly basis.

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