Monday, January 17, 2011

Game of chess...

This will be short; I mean what's there to say? Really...someone somewhere is screaming...»Check Mate"!!!
Haiti's become a simple game of chess...
Every Haitian is a pawn in someone's game...
Sad thing is no one is sure whose game it is... Who are the key players?
How did most of us even get in this stupid game? How did we become pawns? Why did we become pawns?
Whether we like it or not, it is true. We are being used towards someone’s personal objectives and ambitions. It’s no longer for the common good, actually was it ever?
In the game of chess the rules are simple….When you play your game of chess, be careful of your moves. Be careful of your steps. Be careful of your strategy.
In Haiti, this game of chess has gotten triple complicated…we've developed new rules!
My concern is how much more of this tasteless game will us pawns continue to endure?
Game should be over! As soon as there is foul play……….all fun is out the window.
One wrong move, the end of the game should have come.
One wrong move? Check mate.
Why are we still playing? It’s a simple game for crying out loud!
Not many like to know they are pawns, not many even like to acknowledge that life is a game of chess…my question again is why have we not only accepted this game but are official players?
For the first time in my history I have no words when it comes to Haiti. 
I have concluded that you have to be of a HUGE mind to do politics and my small brain can no longer go at it.
I will keep this short I promise; all I know is the return of Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti is a start of something. Not sure what. I am sure we will all know soon.
One thing is certain, Préval is by far the smartest or stupidest politician Haiti's ever seen. 
I have to mend my heart and prepare myself for anything when it comes to my beloved, only then will I make it.
Mentally Haiti is just a bit much. I hate that our emotions are constantly played with. Do we appear to be this stupid? I won't say much more…..I’m becoming incoherent! 

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