Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Someone had this as their status on Facebook today... "It’s easier to wait for the results of an AIDS test, then to wait for those of the Haitian elections"....Now that the results are out, I am not sure which is worse. Haiti has once again been handed a sentence. A terminally ill disease!  Some say that we have been at this cancer for 20 years now...Only blaming the issues on the last group in power. Is that just though? When will we all take responsibility for this raging cancer, that's been eating at us for over 20 years?
Our forefathers left us a gem; we pride ourselves at saying that Haiti was once a pearl, forgetting that we all have contributed to her losing her sparkle. It would take too long and too many strokes to go back and recall every single guilty party, yet we must all respond to the culpable call.
Interesting how we get passionate and feisty when things are going wrong, but we forget that things are ALWAYS wrong in Haiti. We have settled for this way of life, it’s become our standard. The people who have forced this sense of normalcy down our throats know well that we are nowhere near normal…yet we allow them to continue to poison us with their ideals, or lack thereof!
Why is it that as a people we are able to swallow this….over and over? Why do we not only let them rape the country, but us, as the living children of the country? How do we forget so quickly, only to turn right back into the same deep shit we had just recovered from? When will we learn, that we deserve better.  Our kids, from generation to generation are handed down this diseased country without even a prescription, let alone a cure. We are not asking for a magic pill! Nah….far from that, we are merely asking for a conscious effort to be made towards finding a palliative for this cancer.  Everyone’s guilty, guilty of not caring enough, of only caring about ourselves, of not looking at the big picture, of letting this cancer eat at us for so long! We are all guilty of accepting such inadequate care.
Forget the fact that we are sick. It’s already a fact. Now it is up to us, to demand that our illness gets proper care. Because it is curable, we simply need a few doctors who care enough to join the fight and decide that Haiti mustn’t die of this cancer…but that Haiti must continue to be an example of great courage and endurance!
Every Haitian has it in them to win this fight! Let us all become leaders, lovers, defenders, doctors of Haiti…until she’s cured!   

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