Monday, December 6, 2010

The Haitian elections....these here elections! They have taken over every part of my brain. I eat, sleep, drink, shower and eat some more elections. They have paralyzed me from my regular routine, because I am forever Tuned in, Tweeting or Fbooking...
The other night it was 5am when I woke up to some weird song on Signal FM...I had passed out in front of the laptop.
What to make of these elections though, that is the question? Easy, NOTHING. What a joke afterall, clearly Haitians have lost all of their marbles, by Haitians I guess it would be nice to specify and say Haitian leaders..have lost their marbles. Or maybe its because all of this time we've been thinking that we have leaders!
Since November 28th, my spirit has been sad, sad that once again we missed the mark. Makes me want to scream WHAT NOW? Why is it that everyone sees that a change is needed BUT the ones who can help make the change. How many more songs will be written about Haiti and change? How many more blog entries, poems, tweets, Fbook updates? Why must we continue to be in the news, in a negative way? How come our leaders are not as tired as we are, and actually decide to do something?
I dream of the day when Haiti will be ok, I am not even holding my breath for her to be good. Imagine if our courage and resilience was used in a more productive way? Imagine where we could be right now as a nation.
Haiti needs that one leader who loves her so much that he or she will actually care enough to make that one turn we all need. He or she won't allow anyone into bullying her into doing things that are not in the interest of the country. Haitians will be put first in Haiti, imagine that! Until then, until the day that people, so called leaders stop thinking of personal goals, power and money, Haiti will continue to be in this rut...longing for better days!
Now we all wait for the result of the elections, if the rumors are correct, may God watch over our beloved like never before!

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