Thursday, December 9, 2010

...Heartless/Cynical or just both?

I have a lot going on in my head...So many emotions, since things have just taken a turn for the worst in Haiti. I am 31 years old and since I was about 6 or 7 I cannot remember a year in Haiti when things weren't taking a turn for the worst. Ironically, every time we all cry that this is it! That "THIS TIME" Haiti will either be saved or doomed forever. 
Today I was in the shower, thinking that Haiti’s 208 years of independence is fast approaching, yet we are so far behind in the game of independent and sovereign countries that it isn’t even necessary to linger on the thought. It’s shameful, disgraceful, appalling, outrageous... (I know, these words all mean about the same thing)!!! You get the point though?
Where did we go wrong? What are we paying for? Why is that that this little country cannot get a break? I think we have yet to see the wealth of Haiti! Someone, somewhere knows more about what we have to offer then we do, therefore they have one purpose in mind…that of keeping us crippled for their own personal good.  Hear me out, as messed up as it’s been, why is it that everyone in Haiti fight for one position? Why does everyone want power? Why so much raucous over the highest seat of the most impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere? Illogical right!!! The one position that most of the time gets them kicked out of the country for good!!! Are they really ALL corrupt? Why would not one single one of them have our interest in mind. Or wait, why is it that even if they did, as soon as they walk into the white house all of that changes? Why do they so easily and carelessly forget about us? Why do they sell out, without a care for they own kind? How does it not bother them to see how we are living as a nation? Are they blind? Have they been blinded? I know, politics stinks in most countries. Even here in these great United States, corruption happens! Yes, I agree, but they provide their people with a minimum, a small amount of their needs are met enough to shut them up. Their kids eat, go to school, they are able to find work, and have a place to lay their heads at night. The BASICS. When will our leaders find a way to shut us up? When will they get tired of hearing us complain about the same issues over and over again? When will it resonate? Who's going to be the leader to take us to the next level? Who will be tired of shaming us globally? Who will stop treating us like animals, because quite frankly, these so called leaders have only served one purpose in our lives....that of bringing the worse out of us! They mistreat us, we get tired, so much so that we take the streets and act like animals and fools. I will forever wonder! 
In any event, one thing is certain…they all fight for the wrong reasons. Imagine if all that energy, money and passion was invested in actually doing SOME good for the country? I mean, we are talking about a people who are asking for the most basic things…food, shelter, work, health care…etc…The most basic. Yet, no one can commit to providing that little to them….Somehow; to someone our misery is sweet and beneficial. Enfin! 

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