Wednesday, January 18, 2012

AS IF!!!!!!!!

I will start by apologizing to my few … and I mean few, female acquaintances. It has been a while since I have had “girlfriends” and I was reminded today of why I don’t seek and really try to stay away from my kind. I really hope that you don’t take any of the following personally, but then again being the females that you are you will surely think that this blog post is about you. You’re vain, I know. I don’t care.

I recently tweeted that “females are annoying; sometimes”; well, it has been my experience that they are annoying all the time. Could it be that I am a male trapped in a female’s body? Most female ways irritate me.

Top 5 reasons females really aggravate me:

1. Drama Queens- Most girls I know, insist on making everything about them, like this whole wide world belongs to them and their silly caprices. Get a life.

2. Competitive- As if! If girls competed against what is in their brains, it would be constructive. Most females compete over the most superficial things, like looks, clothes and the worse….GUYS! So what you THINK you’re cuter, better…’re vain, remember.

3. Judgmental- ADJECTIVE. Tending to criticize: tending to judge or criticize the conduct of other people (Exactly what I am doing right now. I am a girl, OK)!

4. Less Fun- Is it me or are boys more fun? Less drama, less competition, less judgmental, to the point, in your face, real…..BOOM, what you see is what you get. Give me BOYS!

5. Hard to talk to- I am so tired of having to mind my mouth, girls are wayyy too sensitive for me and remember their caprices and how judgmental they are? Who has time for that?

At my age, I don’t want to give a hoot, I don’t want to care about how delicate your feelings are and feel like I am constantly in a love and hate relationship with you. I am tired of thinking you are my friend, yet you spend more time tearing me apart than building me up.

They say behind every man there’s a strong woman. Well in my experience, behind every woman there’s a gazillion of woman, like her, waiting to tear her down.

Ladies, attention!!!!


  1. A fout men! Yesssss! I love that with men, I can say exactly what's on my mind without worrying about getting judged. Women are always running their mouths and tearing each other down. I wish I could tweet this WHOLE blog! LOVE it!!!

  2. can share the blog my dear! there's the share button on top.