Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Are we there yet?

It has been five whole months since I have moved back to Haiti. I am happy to report that so far I am still alive, contrary to many beliefs no one has kidnapped me yet (mandé Bondye padon) and I have not been affected by cholera. Success, huh?
Looking for work was the hardest part of the whole process but thankfully as everyone predicted within three months I was fully employed in Haiti. I feel such pride and worth in saying that I found work all by myself, I didn’t have any “push” or “contact”. It is safe to say that my qualifications got me the job.  So far I love it here, the work in itself is great, but somehow I don’t see myself doing it for long.   
Coming to Haiti was bigger than me, it was not just about finding “a” job, it was about finding a career and work in something I am passionate about. It was about giving back my talents and abilities to Haiti so that I can proudly say one day that I helped in the efforts towards taking Haiti from point A to B. Delusional I know! It is still early, but that’s the void in me. I am longing to find that “thing” to do where I would feel happy and fulfilled every day. 
I am praying for the opportunity to bring change to people’s lives, the chance to help them better themselves, so that Haiti in turn can be better.  I long to bring a smile to a child, who hopefully will make him, even if temporarily; forget that he lives in a land that offers him no opportunity. I just would love, for a second, to believe that my move will and can mean something more than collecting a paycheck, going to the beach and being reintroduced to my mother land.   
I have done a lot in five months, more than I thought I could do. The decision to move was huge, adjusting is another achievement and I have accomplished that quite nicely. I can say that as far as Haiti is concerned I am on the road to personal success. Yet, I haven’t done enough.  So I will devote the rest of this year, to find ways to give more of myself, my time and my talent to Haiti.  It is truly time for me to develop this “give and take” relationship with the country. I will hold myself accountable to not only talk of a better country but actively work towards a better country.  As I enjoy and bathe in the beautiful sun of Haiti I need to commit to doing what I came to do.  I shall never escape that promise, because it is by giving of me that my emptiness will be filled. 

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  1. I'm glad to see someone who was bold enough to do what I think about doing everyday. But never brave enoguh to do it. Please continue to keep us informed regarding your move to Haiti.